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5 Tricks To Sell A House Your Real Estate Agent Won’t Tell You

Selling your house for a good price could be crucial for many, and there are times when your calls might be forwarded to a junior real estate agent for the seasoned one is too busy, or you might feel you aren’t going to bid for the best of prices. It is time you need to know all the tricks of selling a house which your real estate agent is probably never going to share with you.

1)   Embellish the prices

If you have brought a house (which of course you would have) with the real estate agent being the only person dealing with you, you’d be able to recall how he/she was able to embellish the prices of an expensive place for you, saying it would only be a few hundred dollars extra per month. You can use the same trick to sell your house, for which of course, you’ll have to have an idea of the income bracket of your buyers.

2)   Spaciousness Sells

Though it is not necessary to clean your house like a mad person before the buyers arrive or if they call up to tell you they’d be coming over in fifteen minutes; however, one essential tip is to clear off the countertops in your kitchen as well as the restrooms. Wide open counters are a major turn–on, for not only they induce an air of neatness but also make the place look more spacious. It is essential to keep your closets tidy as well; overly stuffed and disorganised spaces, especially closets, create a negative image about the space.

3)   The Right Pricing

Though you’d like to earn some extra bucks on the price of your house, there has to be a strategy to go about it. What most real estate agents won’t tell you is that it is actually a good idea to shave off 15 to 20 percent of the price once you have browsed the market for property and have calculated the actual price. Doing this would result in your place flooded by buyers who would bid at higher prices for the property you are trying to sell and there you go with a higher sum in your pocket at the end of the deal.

4)   Light Up the Place

You might be fond of a romantic atmosphere with dim lights in your house, but make sure you don’t force your taste on buyers when they visit your place; rather, light up the place. The real estate agent won’t tell you this but a well lit house has higher chances of being perceived as a good option and thus, being sold for an adequate price. Make sure your place receives good amount of sunlight and draw the curtains before your buyers arrive so it is all sunshine for them and they get a good view of everything. Dark and dingy places not only look a bit creepy but they put off potential buyers too.

5)   Don’t delay showing

If you think they buyers are coming at too short a notice, let them come anyway. It is a good idea not to delay showing your house and for that matter you need to ensure your availability along with your house being spick and span, the dustbins out of sights, bathrooms clean and dry, kitchen without dirty dishes and litter boxes of your pets out of the way.-

With a few simple tricks you can easily sell your house for a good price, or increase the chances of it. The place doesn’t have to be out of a magazine but in a neat orderly manner without too much of personalised details when you put it on market.