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Discover The Most Common Types Of Rodents Invading Homes

You pay a lot of money for your home and even more to have it decorated and modified to suit your needs and style. That’s why the last thing you want is rodents coming in, destroying your efforts, reducing the value of your property, and potentially bringing disease into your home.

In short, if you think you have a rodent problem you should click here and get hold of your local exterminators. They will eliminate the rodents, advise you regarding the most common issues in your area, and help you to protect your home against future attacks.

To help you protect your home against rodents it’s a good idea to be aware of what the most common invaders are;

The Brown Rat

The brown rat is larger than a mouse and, unsurprisingly, is brown in color. These rats can be as much as 15 inches long, that doesn’t include their tail which can be another eight inches. Their brown fur is generally darker on top and lighter on their belly. Although referred to as the brown rat, this name also covers the grey rat which is effectively the same creature.

It generally lives near humans and feeds on your waste, it is also a good swimmer which is why it is comfortable in the sewers below your home. It can if hungry, climb poles to reach bird feeders. It is worth noting it will eat anything but generally prefers softer foods.

It breeds prolifically, often carries disease, and will bite if cornered or threatened.

Roof Rat

The roof rat is much smaller than the brown rat, reaching just 8 inches long. They have large eyes and ears and a classic pointed nose. These rats are also brown with white or black bellies. They earned their name as they will often enter the house through the roof.

Just like the brown rat, they can carry an array of diseases.

House Mouse

The house mouse is smaller again, just 3-4 inches long. It also has the impressive ability to turn its head sideways and squeeze through the smallest of gaps. Its tail is nearly as long as its body and has no hair. The house mouse can be a variety of colors ranging from pale brown to black. It has large ears which are rounded and a pointed nose section.

Interestingly, the house mice you find near and in your home are considered semi-tame. They also live near humans and will enter through any crack in the wall.

It is worth noting there are an array of other mice that you may be faced with. But, the house mouse is the most common, and other mice behave in a similar way.

Final Thoughts

All rodents can cause significant damage to wiring, insulation, and even the walls of your property. That’s why, if you see fresh droppings or actually see a rodent, you should take prompt action to get the problem dealt with.