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Ways to Avoid Foreclosing on Your Mortgage

Are you behind on your mortgage payments and worried about foreclosure? Foreclosure has many undesirable consequences. You lose the home and any equity, and the uncertainty that follows doesn’t make the situation any better. Moreover, it dents your credit score, meaning that getting better loans in the future takes a hit. In some instances, foreclosure also haunts you as you seek employment. With such considerations, it is essential to avoid foreclosing. A few measures can help you avoid foreclosure, among the top including;

Sell your home

Among the most effective hacks to beat foreclosure is to sell your home for cash. If you are certain that your financial situation won’t get any better soon, selling your property is recommendable. The best services buy the house as-is and within the shortest time possible. This means that you won’t have to worry about additional costs such as repairs to speed up the sale. Once you opt to sell your home for cash, you’ll get the needed finances to avoid foreclosure. This keeps your credit score intact and helps you beat other damaging consequences of a foreclosure.


Do you have a valid reason for the missed payments? Some instances, such as medical emergencies, a drop in your income, among others, can affect your capability to meet mortgage installments. In such a situation, you can consider forbearance. Forbearance doesn’t wipe your debt but delays the collection. Following the situation, you can work with the lender to temporarily reduce the payments or suspend them for a set period. Provided you honor your part by abiding by the new agreement, you won’t have to worry about foreclosure as you work to regain your financial footing.

Re-evaluate your financial stand

What can you do to reinstate the mortgage? If you can pay the overdue amount, including fees and other expenses, in a lump sum, you can resume the original mortgage terms. Re-evaluating your finances could include:

  • Liquidating your assets
  • Renting the property (a few rooms or entire property if you have a place you stay)
  • Considering a hardship withdrawal from the retirement plan
  • Securing a second job

If you have a mortgage protection policy, you can use it to avoid foreclosure. Your whole life insurance policy could also be the solution if you’ve accrued money. You could be surprised by how much you can manage by re-evaluating your financial stand, including revising your lifestyle to raise enough and avoid foreclosure.


Refinancing entails paying off the mortgage and assuming a new loan with friendlier terms. Better terms such as lower interest rates or monthly payments can help you stay on track and avoid foreclosure.


Restructuring means modifying the mortgage terms. This typically involves lowering the payments. The terms could include lower interest rate, extended repayment period, and forgiving some principal amount, waiving fees and payments, among other considerations.

Agree on a repayment plan

In this approach, you work with the lender and agree to repay the amount owed in regular payments within a set period or the life of the mortgage.

Avoiding foreclosure can be challenging. Nonetheless, with the above strategies, you can find a solution that matches your situation. You can also consider bankruptcy, delaying the foreclosure process and giving you some time to organize your finances.