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Simple Preventative Pest Control You Can Do Yourself

Pests are a major issue in every part of the world. Although the exact type of pest will vary depending on where exactly you live, the bottom line is they will do damage and you will need to spend money to solve the issue.

It’s estimated that invasive insects cause 69 billion euros of damage across the globe, If you notice an issue with them then you need to call the exterminators and get the issue dealt with as quickly as possible.

However, you can also take preventative steps at home yourself, potentially preventing the pests from arriving in the first place.

Annual Inspection

The first step is to speak to your local professionals, you can check them out here. They will undertake an annual inspection which will identify any existing pests in your property. It is possible to have a pest invasion and don’t know about it. A good pest control company will identify the issue and deal with it for you.

They can also offer advice to help you prevent pests from coming back.

Tidy Your yard

It can be hard to stop pests visiting your yard, it is part of the great outdoors. But, you need to discourage them from moving into your home.

To start with, eradicate any soil around the edge of your home. Replace this with at least 6 inches of concrete and you’ll make it harder for pests to get into your house via the foundations, they can’t bury through concrete.

It is also a good idea to trim all trees, especially if the branches are overhanging the house. This creates a pathway to your roof for ants and other pests.

Tidying debris in your yard also removes hiding places and you should ensure your log pile is as far away from your home as possible.

Don’t forget to remove all sources of standing water, including making sure the gutters are clear.

Seal It Up

The next step is to seal all gaps, cracks, and holes in your house. Walk slowly around the outside of your home and look for cracks and gaps. Pay particular attention to areas around windows and doors. When you find a gap fill it with sealant. If there are no gaps it is much harder for pests to get in.

Net Your Windows

If pests can’t get in any other way they may attempt to come in any open window. The best way to stop this is to add nets to your windows, these will keep all pests outside your home.

Keep It Clean

Pests need food and water. If you wash your dishes as soon as you’ve finished with them, wipe down the sides, and store food in sealed containers, there is little to attract the pests to your home.

In short, you’ll make it more attractive for them to go elsewhere.

Don’t forget all rubbish bags need to be sealed and kept as far away from your home as possible.

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