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What is Attracting Rats into Your House? These 4 Things Will Surprise You

If you have recently found rodents like rats in your house, you probably understand the discomfort and disgust that comes with that. Whether you fund a rat in your kitchen, bedroom, or store, you need to get rid of it as fast as possible. Apart from ruining things, rodents like rats are totally not a good thing in your house. They spread diseases through their droppings and urine, and worst of all, a rat bite can cause renal failure. Don’t forget about the deadly hantavirus that rats spread. Now that you have found a rat in the house, do you know how it got there? Do you know what attracted it? Here are five things that could be attracting rats into your house. 

Ease of Access

The rat did not show up at your door, and you let it in. It means there is a secret passage they used to get inside the house. If you have not done eavestrough repair Burlington for a long time, the rodents could be finding their way through that route. There could also be a hole or crack on the roof attracting the rats. If you know of a hole or crack in the roof, consider visiting dangeloandsons.com to find help fixing the cracks. The chimney and vents could also be giving access to the rats. Therefore, you need to know how to seal these places.


You need water, food, and shelter to survive and so do the rats. Rats need a warm place to live and bear small ones. This is why they will dig up to find their way into your warm house. The bad thing is that they will chew and gnaw their way into the wires, and insulations to get access to the inside.


This may be an obvious one. Rats need to eat, and if you have plenty n your house, they will do everything to access it. One thing about rats is that they are not choosy when it comes to the things they eat. They will eat almost everything from clothes, meta, soap, leather, and much more. If you have food in your house, make sure it is secured. Put t in bags or tightly sealed containers so that rats cannot sniff them. Talking of rats eating everything, they are also attracted to digested food. Your pets’ waste could also be the reason why rats are attracted to your house. So, try as much as possible to clean the waste every day.

Leaking Pipes

If rats love food, it also means they need water to survive. If they cannot find water outside, they will look for it inside. A leaking pipe will keep rats sticking around since they need to drink water daily. So, if you have a dripping pipe, consider fixing it. Get rid of any container that traps water near the house

Closing Thoughts!

These are things that could be attracting rats into your house. If you have cracks on the roof, it is crucial to call professionals in roofing Burlington to have the cracks fixed. Try understanding the source of the problem and fixing it to stop the rat problem.